What we do
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How we do it
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The text version - Everything in the video's above but for those who like to read.
FX Storm is an easy to use system that cuts through the clutter and complexities of multiple social trading platforms. FX Storm is bringing “forex trading” to the masses. Currently there are over 100 social trading platforms, 1000 forex brokers and an unlimited number of social traders / signal providers. With all of these different options available it's no wonder the “forex trading” market remains a specialist investment vehicle.

Something FX Storm is going to change.

Signing up with a forex broker, dealing desk, social platform can be complicated. It requires an understanding of which company plays what role and how to connect each piece to the puzzle.

FX Storm will guide the user through the various registrations and explain what each part is going to do. For the user they are following small steps.

Once the accounts are created we can move on to investing.

FX Storm is evaluating 1000’s of social traders / signal providers. We use various techniques and algorithms to evaluate a traders historical performance. Once this has been completed, FX Storm deploys its own money against the trader. Over the course of the coming months we scrutinise which trades were opened, how many lots, were sensible stops placed, did it make a consistent profit. At the end of an undetermined “testing” period the trader will either be “retired” or “promoted” where we will deploy more money against them. At this point you will have the option to link this trader to your account.

To help you make this decision we will make available our findings through the testing period. You can review it's profitability on a daily basis. How much of our account was utilised each day to create the profit. Historical performance is of course never an indicator for future performance. FX Storm will just present you the facts in a readable, non technical dashboard. Our investments dashboard is designed to be understood by anyone that has an interest in financial self investment.

FX Storm makes its money, only when the user makes money. On a live trading account any costs associated with the trade are covered via a small spread. We only take a management fee when you make money. That’s a percentage of profit made only on profitable accounts. If you don’t make any profit you don’t pay a management fee.